Book Challenge/Favorite Books

This year I have finished 11 books. Here’s a list of the books I read this year.

The Foutprth Stall, Chris RylanderGirl Stolen, April HenryStolen, Lucy. ChristopherThe Fourth Stall pt 2, Chris RylanderThe Fourth Stall pt 3, Chris RylanderTrapped, Michael NorthropWonderstruck, Brian SelznickIf I Was Your Girl, Meredith Russo Sidekicks, Jack D. Ferraiolo Wereworld: Rise of the WolfAfter, Francine ProseMy top 3 favorites are Trapped, by Michael Northrop, If I Was Your Girl, by Meredith Russo, and Sidekicks, by Jack D. Ferraiolo.
#1 Trapped
I like this book because it is about 7 kids who are stuck in a school because of a blizzard hitting and they have no way out, so 5 kids just wander around looking for a good spot to make a nice little bonfire, while 2 other kids look for the cafeteria to find food.

#2 If I Was Your Girl
This book is my most favorite because it’s about a teenager who used to go by the name of Andrew, but later on found himself being more girly, as in he would dress like a gi…

Man Proposes, God Diposes

Who was helpless back in Prague, And who was rich before, He’s a poor soul here in Terezin, His body’s bruised and sore.

Who was toughened up before,  He’ll survive these days. But who was used to servants,  Will sink into his grave.
My class and I did this project which is to make a butterfly with designs on it about the poems that we chose. After we finished we had to take a picture to use it on ThingLink. A website where when you tap on the screen a dot will pop up and on the left you info about what the butterfly designs are about.

What I learned from this project is that every single poem is about kids and adults stuck in the same place and they hate it so much that they want to leave. The authors want to continue their life and be happy not be stuck in a spot being fed 2x a day and being killed.

Favorite book from 3rd quarter

My fav book from quarter 3 is Sidekicks by Jack D. Ferraiolo.  Something I like about the book is that it’s about this one kid who has a job after school where he works for this other super hero by the name of Phantom. My favorite part in the book is when the sidekick named Scott, aka Bright Boy and when his gf Monkeywrench, aka Allison, start teaming up on Phantom b/c of the plans he’s been planning without Scott knowing. If you want to know if Phantom is defeated read to find out. This book can be found in a book store or maybe in a library. Thx for reading cya.

SOL #12 So Close

Our second soccer game was on Wednesday 3/28/18 at Freedom park. Jv was playing first. My team and I, varsity were waiting for Jv to finish playing. While we waited some of us practiced till Jv was finished while others were sitting watching the game. JV had won, 2:0. Our game was next. We practiced till the referee said it’s time to play. We got to our positions. My team in the field and me in the goal. The referee raised his hand and asked if I was ready. I raised my hand with a thumbs up meaning I was ready. Same with the goalie on the other side of the field. The game had started and minutes pass by maybe 15-20mins have passed and Freedom had scored a goal. I was mad a little but,  hey at least I was doing better than Monday’s game. The first half was over and the score was 1-1. We were tied so we had to make the next half count. Second half went better than first but during 10-15mins into the game one of the opponents had scored a goal. Like in the first half I was mad, but then …


Monday we had our first game at unity. I was excited but at the same time i was very nervous. When I was in Arizona I got to practice with my aunt and her team. Like in the one slice where I wrote I got hit in the face with a soccer ball by the opponents. Well at this moment I’m nervous because the goals that my aunts team and her opponents used were small versions so that it would be a bit easier. Although, sometimes it is hard with the small goals because when someone kicks the ball you might not expect it and you might end up missing the catch or getting hurt. I know because last year during practice, this kid named Cristian he was an 8th grader at the time, he kicked the ball for me to block but it ended up hitting me in the face. The good thing was that it didn’t break my glasses. My teammates were great on the team but sadly we lost. We didn’t get any goals in... but Hey the good thing is that we tried our best. I was pretty upset at myself for not blocking that many hits. Mr. L…

SOL #10

The one time I got injured very badly was last year in 6th grade during a soccer game. We were playing against a team from a different middle school. I can’t rememebr the schools name but I do know what had happened when I got injured. The position I play is the goalie. I’m very bad at it but I try so that I can get better. I was right by the goal and one of the opponents, her jersey # was I believe 7, she had the ball while one of my teammates was trying to take the ball away from her and one of them kicked the ball in the air I was gonna catch the ball but after in mid air I felt pain coming from my thigh. At that moment I had knew I got hit on the thigh by the opponent. I fell to the ground with my eyes tearing up. My coach and one of my teammates dad helped me get off the field since I couldn’t walk. Mr. Lopez called my mom and told her I got injured. She came to pick me up and when she got there she was mad. She wasn’t even worried I got injured. She just told me it was my fault.…

SOL #9

In class, whenever I make a mistake on my work, it means I’m trying. Sometimes the class work isn’t that easy other times it is easy. I’ve learned that if I tried to hard I might no get anywhere. I might not understand the work. I would ask for help, but the thing is... I don’t know, I’d say embarrassed because I can’t do something others can. Whenever it’s easy I can do it but if I don’t understand the questions I get stuck and don’t know how to do it. It’s questions like math, science, social studies, and sometimes ELA questions I don’t always understand. I just sit there trying to ind out what the question means. And when I stil don’t understand it I just write/type a random answer which could get it wrong, though I try but it’s difficult if you know what I mean.