SOL #8

Whenever I’m done in an argument with a family member, I grab my headphones and phone and I either lock myself in my room or leave the house to the park alone to listen to my music while I close why eyes because the music I listen to, is making me ignore the world so that I have time to myself so that I can ignore things happening around me. Music calms me down from yelling at someone. Music helps me sleep at night when I can’t.When I’m bored I dance around to the music so I have something to do. When I clean, it’s better to listen to music while cleaning. I put the music on full volume so it’s just me and my music. Sometimes, in the music when I listen to it, I compare it to situations in my life. Why is life complicated at times?

SOL #7

Nina Dobrev... Actress in the TV show “The Vampire Diaries”. She’s the main character in the show. Her name in the show is Elena Gilbert. She is friends and an ex to both Salvatore Brothers, Damon and Stefan. Nina is also in the movie “xXx: Return of Xander Cage” with Vin Diesel and Ruby Rose including Ice-T. Nina’s name in the movie is Becky Clearidge. Her part in the movie is, she’s a nerd that can improve weapons. She isn’t much of a fighter. When I say fighter I mean she isn’t well with shooting a gun but in one part of the movie is when she trips and the gun starts shooting on its own while it keeps jumping or something like that and the bullets are literally hitting bad guys. Kind of off topic but I tried. In Vampire Diaries, she’s bitten to be turned into a vampire. I forgot who bit her maybe Stefan I don’t know. Nina aka Elena has a doppelgänger named Katherina Pierce. Although later on there is another... which would be triplets. Her name is Amara... the wife of Silas. And if…

SOL #6

My favorite celebrity would be Ruby Rose because of how amazing she is at acting. My favorite movies she played in was xXx: Return of Xander Cage. I have another favorite celebrity in the movie too. Her names Nina Dovbrev, she was in a TV show called The Vampire Diaries. But this slice is about Ruby I’ll probably make one of Nina in my next slice. Anyway, Ruby in the Xander Cage movie her characters name is Adele Wolf. She’s, I’d say best friends with the actor Vin Diesel. Ruby’s part in the movie is she is a seregenti who doesn’t technically kill, but she hurts them in a way with a sniper camouflaged into the grass watching outt for lions. What I mean is she hurts the people who dare to hurt the lions. I’d say it’s my all time favorite movie ever since it came out. (Pic of Ruby Rose 🔝)

SOL #5

Today is a special day for my favorite aunt (yes i have favorites)  who is finally turning 21. Im very happy for her because she will be with her friends and maybe my cousins and other aunts will be able to celebrate her birthday with her. I havent been to one if her birthdays in a long time. I would really wan to go today but since I have school and all i wont be able to go and I have things to do at home. And there is also another birthday coming up too which is my cousin whos gonna turn 1 year old which I would really love to go and see her again. Last summer i went to see her... i swear shes like the favorite besides my other cousin whos 7. My cousin who’s 7, his birthday passed which was on the 16th of January, 2 days after my birthday. Mostly everyone on my moms side lives in Phoneix,  Arizona and the other 3 of my moms family members live in Las Vegas. I would post a picture of my cousin and aunt on here, but i can’t since I don’t have a photo of her on here, but on my phone I …

SOL #4 1/2

My aunt was crying a lot that my uncle and dad had to pull my mom away from my aunt so that she would stop hitting her. I comforted my aunt wile crying with her telling her that everything would be ok i hugged her and she hugged me back. At the time I didn’t really understand what was happening because i was 7 but a year or 2 my dad had told me what happened to my grandma. Every time I started crying i would think of her because she was someone special to me. I loved her with all my heart i loved going out with her. And whenever I looked at one of her photos... i would start to cry because i loved being around her. I just wish I could here her voice one more time and give her one
more hug.

SOL #4

Something that makes me very sad is talking about a car accident that happened on November 28, 2012. (I was 7 at the time). I was home with my uncle, grandma, dad, my sister, and my dog. My aunt was in high school for gymnastics.( my aunt is the youngest one from her siblings). The time was somewhere around 7-8 pm. My grandma had left the house to pick up my aunt from school... although my aunt had already gotten a ride from a friend, but my grandma didn’t know she got one. My grandma had gotten in a car crash on her way to the high school. After my aunt got home she asked where her mom was (my grandma of course). My dad had told her she had gotten in a car crash. My uncle called my mom and gave the phone to my aunt and my mom started yelling I knew she was yelling because they had the speaker on... so than my uncle took the phone and hung up while my mom was still yelling. A while later my mom got home and she started to hit my aunt and I was there crying while watching. I was horrif…

SOL #2

A moment I felt very frustrated was last year while we were in summer break, my mom, 2 sisters, and I were in Arizona with my 2 aunts, uncle, 2 cousins, my uncles wife, and one of my aunts (Amy) husband. All of us besides my uncle and my aunts husband were getting ready to go to the mall for a bit. My mom was sleeping because me and her slept on the couch because my aunt, Amy, didn’t have anymore space for us to sleep on, so we decided to sleep on the couch. Although my mom and I don’t really get much sleep because we are either make a midnight snack or watching tv. We tried to wake my mom up, after we woke her up we rushed her to get ready so we can leave because we were stuck home with nothing to do, (like always) and she got so mad that she said she didn’t want to go anymore because we kept rushing her. She also said “Si yo no voy, tampoco
 puede la Lannie, Dayana, y la Kathie!” (If I don’t got neither can Lannie, Dayana, and Kathie!) Since we didn’t go, a few of us went up to my u…