SOL #12 So Close

Our second soccer game was on Wednesday 3/28/18 at Freedom park. Jv was playing first. My team and I, varsity were waiting for Jv to finish playing. While we waited some of us practiced till Jv was finished while others were sitting watching the game. JV had won, 2:0. Our game was next. We practiced till the referee said it’s time to play. We got to our positions. My team in the field and me in the goal. The referee raised his hand and asked if I was ready. I raised my hand with a thumbs up meaning I was ready. Same with the goalie on the other side of the field. The game had started and minutes pass by maybe 15-20mins have passed and Freedom had scored a goal. I was mad a little but,  hey at least I was doing better than Monday’s game. The first half was over and the score was 1-1. We were tied so we had to make the next half count. Second half went better than first but during 10-15mins into the game one of the opponents had scored a goal. Like in the first half I was mad, but then I said to myself, “we have to make this count.” I kept repeating it in my head. The referee had said we had 2 minutes left and I had yelled out to the team in front of me. “WE HAVE TO MAKE THIS ONE COUNT. YOU GUYS GOT THIS.” After the the 2 mins were over we had lost by one point. We lined up with me in the front and had high fived the other team saying “good game” to eachother. We met up with Mr. Lopez by the benches telling us how we did a better job and how I played better than last year. I had fun but was still mad at myself just a bit for letting the opponents score a goal on me.


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