SOL #5

Today is a special day for my favorite aunt (yes i have favorites)  who is finally turning 21. Im very happy for her because she will be with her friends and maybe my cousins and other aunts will be able to celebrate her birthday with her. I havent been to one if her birthdays in a long time. I would really wan to go today but since I have school and all i wont be able to go and I have things to do at home. And there is also another birthday coming up too which is my cousin whos gonna turn 1 year old which I would really love to go and see her again. Last summer i went to see her... i swear shes like the favorite besides my other cousin whos 7. My cousin who’s 7, his birthday passed which was on the 16th of January, 2 days after my birthday. Mostly everyone on my moms side lives in Phoneix,  Arizona and the other 3 of my moms family members live in Las Vegas. I would post a picture of my cousin and aunt on here, but i can’t since I don’t have a photo of her on here, but on my phone I do have pictures.


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  2. Wow nice job! 👍🏻 I have family members who live somewhere else too. So I can’t visit them a lot because of school.


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